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I created this account because my old account was littered with junk i couldn't get rid of

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Posted by Red-Slash - February 22nd, 2010

I made another music account cause ive been focusing on playing guitar and writing metal music.

Maybe ill pick up electronic music again at some point but from now on my home is probably gonna be at www.ultimate-guitar.com

i have my master profile
http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Red slash/
and a band profile that i manage but im still seeking band mates to play with
http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/sol enopsis/

well i guess this accounts going back to collectin dust
but if anybodys readin fucking check out my music bitch=!


Posted by Red-Slash - September 19th, 2008

Well finally the whole album is finished and now anyone who wants it can download it freely. all the tracks have been mixed together so for optimum effect while burning remove the pause that some burning programs add inbetween tracks and you'll be set.

I hope everyone checking my page enjoys my music as much as i enjoy writing it.

and thanks to all my friends for their support and encouragement.

Tremelo Journies Album
here's the mega upload link

enjoy everybody

Posted by Red-Slash - August 23rd, 2008

almost done my trance cd just a few more songs to go then i have to remix all the songs for the cd and master them

I am slightly dissapointed by the lack of comments and reviews my songs are getting it's really too bad. At least before i was getting insulted but now i just seem to be getting ignored.

oh well.

Posted by Red-Slash - May 19th, 2008

I just finished a demo for Time(Sold Out)

I also have been recording gutiar parts for Cancer but i hit a roadblock with the sound mixing.

I haven't even started the majority of the material i have like Shifting Soil, Neo, and Ireland
But once i finished im gonna make demo cd entitled "The Loss of Faith"

hopefully it's enjoyed.

peace out


Posted by Red-Slash - April 17th, 2008

I have been pretty busy with work but i do have a couple of songs yet to post. I also havent been spending much time on the electronics music as i have been into metal lately and want to focus on getting some of my metal work recorded. Now i need a preamp for my mic so i can hook it up to my software on my computer.

Hopefully itll turn out the way i want it too.

I'll prolly make a new account for my metal stuff which i will post on here.

Posted by Red-Slash - March 18th, 2008

Just finished a new song. Working on getting a new mic. I'm holding off on that until i get my car fixed however which is gonna set me back an assload.

Still have to make some guitar work for hania's song. hopefully i'll be able to get to that soon.

and i'm hoping my song will get some circulation around the site. It would be nice...

Watery Heights

Posted by Red-Slash - February 26th, 2008

Finished my first acid trance song since a while I'm not getting that many reviews but the one i did get is positive at least and the songs rating is excellent so far. I hope to start a new account pretty soon for my metal music when i start recording it.

Thx goes out to the other metal artist who has stated that they will help me with drums and bass recording. You know who you are.

Once I get a mic theres gonna be a lot of new content flooding the page.

Posted by Red-Slash - December 17th, 2007

I know the names arent original but I really couldnt think of anything to name these songs. I'm currently at my bands house and we're jamming it up. When we finally get some good recording shit together ill probably make a new account for the band and start posting up some METAL /\m/\ rock on.

anyway I thought i would get some good reveiws and stuff but I guess my music just isn't too appealing to the people who are currently trolling the new songs part because their too lazy to go out searching for old music. That and most of them probably want instant gratification.

I also wish a lot of the people i review didn't hold it against me when i tell them where they need to improve. It's pretty immature to ask for a review and some info on improvement and then complain when the review tells the honest truth. I think thats why my songs are getting bad ratings sometimes.

oh well what can you do. getting people to give you honest feedback is hard on newgrounds. I mean if your gonna give it a zero you can at least review it and say what you don't like about it. otherwise if you dont even like that style of music why are you voting on it in the first place?

Posted by Red-Slash - November 27th, 2007

recently posted acid bump which is my attempt at some freestyle.

I miss freestyle it's too bad all the fucking pop producers had to hijack it and turn it gay causeing it's inevitable destruction. Like honestly I wish it stayed underground like eurodance.

Anyway i duno if i'll actually finish it i duno how too ill just keep it a loop until i find something to inject into it. LIke lyrics or sumthing.

I resubmitted trident with proper sound quality since i realized newgrounds bumped up their audio file size from 4000 Kb to 8000. It's still a farking huge song. Anyway I got the audio files from hania and ive made sum progress on mixing her song I still dont have a clue how im gonna implement what im playing on guitar into her song and I still need to buy a mic to lend some vocals. I just hope i dont make it sound too much like evanescence or nightwish.

hope everyone likes all this shit
peace guys

Acid Bump

Posted by Red-Slash - November 17th, 2007

I decided to start using the news posts so now im talking about my song Zif Trip. I was gonna call it Zif named after the Zif loaders they used in old nintendo systems. This is because I made the song entirely with nintendo instruments and vst's that make nintendo sounds. Well except hte Drum Machines.

I found an awsome song on the audio portal and i pmd the young lady down in australia if i could remix her song. I am waiting for a reply

btw if ur reading this rae i miss u very much <3<3<3