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Just posted a new song

2007-11-17 22:37:49 by Red-Slash

I decided to start using the news posts so now im talking about my song Zif Trip. I was gonna call it Zif named after the Zif loaders they used in old nintendo systems. This is because I made the song entirely with nintendo instruments and vst's that make nintendo sounds. Well except hte Drum Machines.

I found an awsome song on the audio portal and i pmd the young lady down in australia if i could remix her song. I am waiting for a reply

btw if ur reading this rae i miss u very much <3<3<3


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2007-11-20 18:06:14

pfft, noob I PWN U


2007-11-20 18:08:44

I miss you very much, too! Remix me!


2007-11-20 18:16:12

Yes, blitz owns u :)