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that was EPIC

great use of FF7 battle music

at first i though it was gonna be another stupid stick figure battle scene xiao xiao rip off but you really came through on the explosions and build up

epic music but...

I dont get it.... ill give it a good score anyway though

this flash is crunk foshizzle

ill watch the rest later def deserved a 4

simple but not to the point that it sacrifices the quality of veiwing

i just like it cause it can be cool without being over the top

oDarkghosto responds:

Preciate it... yeah... we kinda sacrificed quality.. we were trying to go for a more realistic view, I mean.. it's a webcam bit... it's gonna be sappy, but! Your right, we don't try to be overly funny.. it ruins cartoons.. and the people that replied after you obviously like that kind of thing where everything has to be funny right there and then... Just Wait for our next episode thanks for the review

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theres only one reason why i gave it a 4

and thats because its production values are so high but other than that the gameplay is a been there done that approach with an upgrade system similar to most sidescrolling 2d shooters (which it partially is)

there is no replay value and anyone who shoots for high scores is wasting their time because there is no variation in the game. Any variation is completely graphical if you turned all those enemies and landscapes into little black and white boxes than you look at the game again all the levels are exactly the same.

the gameplay never changes and what else pisses me off is that the waves dont mean diddly squat because when u die u start back at the beginning of the level which wouldnt be so bad if u didnt have a gameover after 3 deaths and of course im talking about adventure mode the game is already challenging enough without being a complete pain in the ass with continues have a heart man.

this game can be summed up in a quote from avgn's review of the silver surfer
"you go to far up you die u go to far down you die u go to far to the left you die you touch anything you die you die you die you die die die die die DIE!"

survival mode is ur classic piss off of an arcade experience which is the only way to go with this game. Trying to complete adventure mode probably doesnt even reward you with anything it probably just says u win thats it the paper airplane saved the world or sum stupid stuff.

this game is terrible

chillyphilly responds:

Thanks for the critical review.
Appreciated...it's always good to hear other opinions.


very cool concepts but rather linear and simply gameplay

maybe if it had more complicated level design and a larger number of different enemies wiht more strategy then it would be 100% better

but for now its a well interesting and well programmed game.


a little buggy but really cool

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i know which silent hill song your talking about

it sounds like the one at the beginning of either silent hill 2 or 3 i cant remember
its really cool, slightly eerie very well executed however.

I love it dude 10 from me.

its too bad this is only a loop you could make an awsome full fledged song with this ambient cool song.

all of the samples and instruments are superb and fit the mood.


if you want you can check some of my stuff up to you

themeatiscoming responds:

Thanks for the comment. I'm working on extending it so that it can be more of a song rather than a loop. Hope you will enjoy some of my other works as well.

great as always

god listening to this makes me wanna play sim city im not joking

it sounds so awsome subtle, calm, and quirky. Your choice of instruments is impeccable. It has a zen like charm.

really cool

this is cool n jazzy n funky and everything that is good about hip hop

without all the crap

good stuff dude

war-spawn responds:

Much appreciated. Thanks ^_^

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