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Acid Bump

2007-11-27 00:23:28 by Red-Slash

recently posted acid bump which is my attempt at some freestyle.

I miss freestyle it's too bad all the fucking pop producers had to hijack it and turn it gay causeing it's inevitable destruction. Like honestly I wish it stayed underground like eurodance.

Anyway i duno if i'll actually finish it i duno how too ill just keep it a loop until i find something to inject into it. LIke lyrics or sumthing.

I resubmitted trident with proper sound quality since i realized newgrounds bumped up their audio file size from 4000 Kb to 8000. It's still a farking huge song. Anyway I got the audio files from hania and ive made sum progress on mixing her song I still dont have a clue how im gonna implement what im playing on guitar into her song and I still need to buy a mic to lend some vocals. I just hope i dont make it sound too much like evanescence or nightwish.

hope everyone likes all this shit
peace guys

Acid Bump


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