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Morph Ball, Celestial Funk

2007-12-17 12:39:58 by Red-Slash

I know the names arent original but I really couldnt think of anything to name these songs. I'm currently at my bands house and we're jamming it up. When we finally get some good recording shit together ill probably make a new account for the band and start posting up some METAL /\m/\ rock on.

anyway I thought i would get some good reveiws and stuff but I guess my music just isn't too appealing to the people who are currently trolling the new songs part because their too lazy to go out searching for old music. That and most of them probably want instant gratification.

I also wish a lot of the people i review didn't hold it against me when i tell them where they need to improve. It's pretty immature to ask for a review and some info on improvement and then complain when the review tells the honest truth. I think thats why my songs are getting bad ratings sometimes.

oh well what can you do. getting people to give you honest feedback is hard on newgrounds. I mean if your gonna give it a zero you can at least review it and say what you don't like about it. otherwise if you dont even like that style of music why are you voting on it in the first place?


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2008-02-21 02:43:16

can anyone help me how to use newgrounds account...
how can i make some music remix..

Red-Slash responds:

lol well in order to remix music you have to ask the artist (if on newgrounds for whatever tools you deem necessary for the remix if they are ok with you remixing their song. Then all you have to do when your done remixing is post it under the same name. (it' s also usually a good idea to add remix into the title)