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2008-05-19 17:17:45 by Red-Slash

I just finished a demo for Time(Sold Out)

I also have been recording gutiar parts for Cancer but i hit a roadblock with the sound mixing.

I haven't even started the majority of the material i have like Shifting Soil, Neo, and Ireland
But once i finished im gonna make demo cd entitled "The Loss of Faith"

hopefully it's enjoyed.

peace out



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2008-05-19 18:38:56



2008-08-23 17:39:23

almost done my trance cd just a few more songs to go then i have to remix all the songs for the cd and master them

I am slightly dissapointed by the lack of comments and reviews my songs are getting it's really too bad. At least before i was getting insulted but now i just seem to be getting ignored.

oh well.